November 29, 2023

The decisive difference is how deep the changes are. A renovation means you update an existing structure with cosmetic changes, while a remodel involves altering the structure through demolition and construction, explains Jason Larson, founder and president of Lars Remodeling %26 Design in San Diego, CA. Technically speaking, renovation and conversion are defined differently. While a remodel changes the shape of something (such as adding a new shower to an existing bathroom), a renovation focuses more on turning something old into a good repair (such as repairing a creaking floor).

DIYers, which means that the current house only requires an adjustment and touch from the inside and also from the outside. If you want to remodel the house, that means you want to say take a look at it. My new house likes to be rebuilt in the same location, but the design and model are being changed. Think of a renovation company as a company that modernizes the space without changing its shape or function. It’s a much more budget-friendly option than a remodel.

It is also usually a faster process. For example, a kitchen renovation means keeping the same overall layout but updating the style. This description is just a general explanation of who must have a DIY license. Whether you’re staging the home for a potential buyer or simply need an aesthetic change, remodeling and home improvement can seem like daunting tasks.

Home improvements are generally easier and less time consuming, and in most cases neither contractors nor architects are involved. While it doesn’t matter when you talk to friends about your planned house changes, it’s probably a good idea to explain the terminology in a bit more detail when you talk to a remodel company and think about what your house needs and how much it will cost.

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