November 29, 2023

Once you’ve got a budget for renovations, you can consider what options you have to add those costs to your mortgage. This would add the renovation costs to your original loan amount (the money needed to buy your home), creating a new combined total balance for your mortgage. The ReModelny program offers qualified first-time home buyers competitive interest financing to buy and renovate homes in need of improvement or repair. As part of ReModelny, SONYMA will finance both the purchase and renovation of the house with a mortgage.

This program is intended to provide home buyers with mortgage financing to buy a home and pay for any necessary or desired repairs. It is an extension that can be used with the SONYMA programs below for 1 and 2 single-family homes, PUDs, and condominiums. For some homeowners, traditional payout refinancing isn’t the best way to pay for home improvements. The Fannie Mae HomeStyle loan can be used to improve a vacation home or investment property, and any renovation or repair can be financed as long as it is permanently attached to the property and adds value.

This loan is for homeowners who are due several large payments over time for a major home improvement project. If you’re planning a home renovation in the near future, you CAN set that fantastically lower interest rate with a new mortgage. When you’re ready for a renovation, simply add the RENOFI home equity loan with no further overhaul. And you certainly shouldn’t imagine turning to a high-interest unsecured personal loan (often marketed as a home improvement loan) or a credit card to finance the costs of your renovation. The Fannie Mae HomeStyle renovation loan allows borrowers to either buy an apartment that needs repair or refinance their existing home loan and receive money for improvements.

But before we dive deeper into the various options available, let’s first take a look at the reasons why both home buyers and homeowners often want to add renovation costs to their mortgage rather than taking out a second mortgage, such as a home equity loan or home equity credit line, or a personal loans.

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